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ARCHIVE OF THE SEA – art pieces

ARCHIVE OF THE SEA is my art project. Here I’m drawing strange fish; When someone asks me, ‘what kind of odd fish is that?’ The best reply I can give is that, deep down, we’re all odd fish – and that it’s in the nature of being to wonder about your being.

A quote by David Attenborough started my project:“All life is related” 

All the world’s living creatures, including us, have our genetic roots in a common ancestor; an ancestor that came from the sea, from the boiling primordial soup that covered our planet four billion years ago.

I zoom in on the details of what we call life. With pen or etching needle, I draw myself deep into the structures that make up the basic elements of an anatomy’s construction.

I draw and observe the wonders of the sea, the fantastic creations of the evolution and human moods expressed in these creations.

Photo (portrait): Mette Mærsk